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    Piercing is carried out by experienced male and female piercers in purpose-built hygienic dedicated piercing rooms. Only high quality titanium Jewellery is used and the cost of any change down in jewellery is included in the cost of the piercing. All Piercings are done on a Walk In basis, no appointment is required. Discounts are available on multiple piercings please ask for details
    Piercings Available and Prices
    Facial  earpiercingfacepiercing


    Ear Lobe(each) £20
    Helix £25
    Tragus £25
    Conch £25
    Daith £30
    Rook £30
    Industrial £50


    Eyebrow £30
    Nostril £25
    Septum £35
    Lower Lip £30
    Upper Lip £35
    Philttrum £40
    Tongue £45
    Vertical Labret £40

    Jewellery Change e.g putting in your own Jewellery £5




    Navel Belly Button £30

    Nipple £35

    Drink, drugs, contraindications medical conditions both for tattoos and piercings.

    We will not tattoo or pierce anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we also reserve the right to refuse a tattoo or piercing without explanation. Before each tattoo or piercing a consent form must be completed, the consent form contains a list of medical conditions, if you have one or more of these conditions then it is not advisable to have a tattoo or piercing without the written advice of your doctor.

    There are certain contraindications to tattooing and you should seek the advice of your tattoo artist or GP Doctor, if you have any of the following:

    Impetigo, Cellulitis, Eczema, Psoriasis

    Heart disease/disorders, Haemophilia, Low or High blood pressure

    Epilepsy, Diabetes

    HIV, Hepatitis B/C

    Conditions which compromise the immune system, Conditions that may cause haemorrhaging e.g leukaemia

    Conditions which may cause excessive bleeding

    Allergies to metals(including Nickel), Latex, antiseptics, adhesive dressings or topical dressings and medicines.

    You are undergoing a course of medication or medical treatment

    I am not pregnant or breast feeding.

    Taken Aspirin or other medicines that thin the blood.

    Or suffer from any other condition through which my health may be compromised when receiving a tattoo.


    Risks from Piercings

    Known (potential) Risks Associated with Piercing:
    • Scarring, Blood Poisoning(Septicaemia)
    • Jewellery Embedding/Migration
    • Localised Infection, Allergic Reactions to Jewellery
    • Localised Swelling & Trauma
    • Tongue Piercing May lead to swelling, choking & restriction of the airway. Tooth/Gum Damage (if applicable)

    Does it hurt?
    The most common we get asked is does it hurt?’. The discomfort felt varies from piercing to piercing and from person to person. With all piercing there is a moment of discomfort, but normally the pressure of the clamps used to lightly pinch the skin is the worst part of it.

    We prefer not to use anaesthetics, as it actually impairs the healing of the piercing. In fact a piercing will hurt far more post piercing if it has been anaesthetised beforehand, and will also take longer to heal. As the pain level is so minimal, we prefer not to use it.

    How should I prepare for my piercing?
    We recommend before you are pierced you are well rested and eat 2hrs prior to your piercing.

    How long does it take to heal?

    Healing times will vary but here are some indicative healing times:
    Ear Lobe, Eyebrow and Septum

    Ear Cartilage and Nostril


    Lips and Cheeks



    6-8 Weeks

    2 Months to 1 Year

    4 -8 Weeks

    6 to 12 Weeks

    2 to 6 Months

    4 Months to 1 Year

    How soon can I change my piercing?
    This varies depending on the individual piercing, and you will be given a guidance when pierced.  Also changing a piercing too soon is never advised.

    How old do I have to be to be pierced?

    We adopt the policy that you must be 17+ to consent to a piercing.

    Whilst there are no legal guidelines for piercings other than ear piercing and Piercing of anyone under 16(in non intimate areas) can be performed with parental consent. Insurance companies now require that anyone between 14 and 17 must have parental consent.

    We reserve the right to refuse if we think you are physically underdeveloped for a piercing, or that you aren’t mature or responsible enough for it, we will decline to pierce you even with parental consent.

    If your are 17 or older but don’t look it we strongly recommended you bring photo I.D (Recent Passport or Driving License) to prove your age. ID will be inspected closely.

    What do I do if I have a problem with my piercing?
    Come back and see us, we’re never to busy to check on the progress or healing of your piercing, and provide you with advice and guidance. Never take out a piercing if you feel there is a problem with it. Always come back and have it checked first.

    Piercing Aftercare
    The aftercare advice we give is based on years of experience with piercing, and after you are pierced we will go through what you need to do to look after your piercing and we also provide you with a detailed aftercare sheet. Follow our instructions closely and you will have no problems. Healing of a piercing requires a lot of care and attention. Neglect them or abuse them and they can become infected and/or take a lot longer to heal. http://www.design4lifetattoo.co.uk/piercing-aftercare/

    Microdermals — or Surface anchors
    Are a type of body jewellery that allow for “single point” piercing… a piercing that has only one visible end or bead. For example in a place not suitable for a traditional piercing. They have a much higher success rate than surface piercings. The single point piercing is made by piercing one hole and inserting a Surface Anchor. Once the Anchor is in place jewellery is then threaded onto the end of the Anchor. Our Dermal anchors are imported from Europe and are made of 6AL4V ELI F-136 Implant Grade Titanium. A Microdermal is considered a permanent piercing, and therefore its important to use the best material available. Healing time is 3-5 months and the aftercare is very similar to any other piercing.

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