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Tell me a bit about yourself, where you are from , where you grew up, your family etc?

I’m Kate.  Born in Liverpool, moved around a little bit and then ended up back in the city of my birth.  Eldest child of three, (a younger sister and brother.)  I also have an older half brother.  Although I have no children, I am an auntie to three nieces and a nephew, who range between 15 – 4 years old.

My passions include art and body modification, books, music and films.  I also love to travel and visit new cities/countries.

How did you get into Piercing?

Its been something that I’ve been interested in since I was around 16.  I worked, covering receptionists at a piercing studio in the city centre, where I learned about piercing aftercare.  I then left and moved around.  Once I returned, I started working at Design 4 Life as a receptionist, but left.  A year later, I was offered an apprenticeship and have been here since early 2009.  I’ve been a professional piercer for 6 years.

Do you like to freehand when possible or use forceps?

I like to use both methods, but tend to prefer using forceps, as this was how I was taught and feel most confident in using.

Tell us about your favourite Piercing you have made?

I really like to do ear Piercings and Microdermals.  I think that Microdermals look awesome when incorporated into healed tattoos and love doing multiple ear piercings (called ear projects.)

What do you want to Pierce more of?

More ear projects please?! To be honest, I enjoy doing most Piercings.  Come in with your ideas and we’ll take things from there. 

Which other Piercers do you respect and why?

I regularly look through other Piercing instagram profiles, as I find they’re a great tool to pick up the latest techniques and to see how different things are in different parts of the world.  I wouldn’t highlight just one piercer, as I feel its good to “big up” everyone who works in our industry.

Do you have a lot of tattoos, who tattooed them on your, which are your favourites and why? who would you like to get tattooed by in future?

I’d consider myself heavily covered and have at least one tattoo on every limb, as well as my chest and back.  There’s still loads of space to add more, but I’m in no rush just yet.  I’ve had lots of people tattoo me and tend to like lots of different styles.  Artists who spring to mind are Hazel Nichols, Phil Kyle, Inma and Rodrigo Souto. However, there are others who I’ve been tattooed by.

What would you be doing professionally right now if you weren’t piercing?

Languages are my strongest point, I think.  I can communicate in French, German, Spanish and English.  I’m also conversational in Italian.  I think I’d probably be abroad, teaching English as a first language, or as an interpretor.

Where can people find your work, facebook, instagram, website etc? and if someone wants a Piercing from you what’s the best way to contact you?

As well as the Design 4 Life website and facebook page, my work can be found on my personal facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/kate.sheard.7 and there’s also my personal Instagram profile; https://instagram.com/k8_sheard/

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