Daniel Wright Piercer

 -Tell me a bit about yourself.

Okay, Hey!! I’m Danny. I’m 23, and from a little town called Widnes. From a young age I have had a keen interest in biology and had a view to becoming a doctor. But, as life goes, things just don’t work out! Instead, I went to uni and got myself a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in Biology and Psychology combined; 2 subjects I maintain a great deal of interest in. Aside from that, I’m very musical and like toying around with playing cards, either doing magic or tossing them around like Dynamo!

-How did you get into piercing?
Well, as I said above, I have always had a keen interest in biology, so when I discovered the wonderful world of body mods when I was around 14, I would follow my mates into the studios and observe them getting pierced, asking questions and looking into it further. I continued to study biology and the second I turned 18 I landed an apprenticeship at Design 4 Life and seized this opportunity to marry both my love of piercing and biology, providing me with an outlet to explore and further my knowledge.

-Do you free hand when possible or use forceps?
I am constantly changing my style based on feedback from customers, but I would consider myself a free hand piercer. I only use a clamp when 100% necessary and only as a last resort, this is simply because I find that the clamp can hurt more and cause more bruising than the actual piercing itself, so by getting rid of clamps all together, I have honed my piercing tequniques and made it an all round more comfortable experience.

-What has been your favourite piercing so far?
Definitely the permanent corset project I undertook. This is because I was able to get my teeth into it! It required pre planning, drawing, laying out on the skin to make sure everything was placed correctly and then 2 sessions of dermal work, it wasn’t just a 5 minute jobby! I really enjoyed doing it.

-What would you like to pierce more of?
Big projects like I’ve just mentioned for sure! Anything to do with corsets, dermals, ears etc, just anything I can get my teeth into and run with. Failing that, unusual piercings, I’ve done transverse lobes and vertical scaffolds which I enjoyed because it went against the norm, so more of those!

-Which other piercers do you respect and why?
To be fair, I can’t just pin point one specific piercer. Because piercing is so varied across the board, I respect anybody who offers help and guidance to others in the community as well as putting the client first and pouring their heart and soul into what they do. Too many people think that piercing is just a point and stab, so I take my hat off to any piercer that goes out of their way to prove that it is so much more than that.

-Do you have a lot of tattoos and piercings?
I have a fair few yes haha! It’s actually quite deceiving, people assume I have more piercings than I actually have because they are all in my face, but nope, that’s where it ends, I think I only have about 7/8, nothing major. For tattoos it’s the opposite, most people think I have hardly any as the only visable ones are on my arm, actually I have most of my front done as well as my legs! Definitely am looking at more though.

-What would you be doing if not piercing?
Had a not discovered piercing, I would see myself as a research psychologist in social psychology. For my dissertation I researched social perceptions on body modification and the results where quite interesting so had I not got into piercing, I would be following on to continue my research.

-Where can people find your work and get in contact with you?
Well aside from the Design 4 Life website and page, I have an instagram account (@dannydeathstar) and a Facebook account (/piercingsbydanny), email wise you can get in touch with me on Danny@design4lifetattoo.co.uk

Thanks for reading folks! If you have any other questions not covered in this then please get in touch!



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